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Getting Started With Project Psiens

Step 1: Register with Psiens.IO

Step 1: Register with Psiens.IO

First order of business is to join Project Psiens as a new Player by Registering on the Psiens Admin App or directly from a Psiens Game.

You need your email and a find a unique username to sign up…otherwise just follow the instructions in the Psiens Admin App.

After a succesful Registration you are now able to start your journey on Project Psiens.

At sign up the Player will be assigned a managesd blockchain wallet and all Minted Orbs which are able to be used for Psiens Gaming need to be stored here. Players can transfer their NFT orbs to (or from) any external wallet.

Step 2: Buy some Energy

Step 2: Buy some Energy

Energy is an internal Psiens ‘currency’ which is used to Energize and Mint Orbs.  Players buy Energy for their account Energy Balances. Energy cannot be withdrawn, so only keep a small amount of Energy on your account. 

 The Player’s Energy balance is use to Energize and Mint Orbs. IF an Orb is Sold its Energy balance goes with it.

Players will be able to buy Energy on the Psiens Admin App using a Credit Card or using Quarters (Pocketfull of Quarters)

We use live ENJ-EUR exchange rates to calculate the price for Energy.

NOTE. Energy is OPTIONAL since you can spawn Orbs and use them in most Psiens Games without being Energized.

Step 3: Setup an ENJIN Wallet

Step 3: Setup an ENJIN Wallet

Project Psiens uses the ENJIN network as its blockchain backend.   So as a Player the first and most important first step is to go to ENJIN and follow the instructions to get an ENJIN Wallet installed on your mobile.

While we recommend using the Enjin Wallet 2.0, Players can also opt for the simpler Enjin Web Wallet.  IF you are having issues Enjin Web Wallet, go for the mobile version.

NOTE. The ENJIN Wallet is only used in case the Player transfers a Minted Orb from the player’s managed wallet (auto created at sign up) to this external wallet.


Step 4.  PLAY!

Step 4. PLAY!

Over time there will be many Psiens enabled Games available to play, ranging from simple Web Casino games to PC game Mods to AAA Web3 games.

While all Games are different they have one thing in common..the ability to submit Psiens Guesses.

We maintian a list of Psiens enabled Games HERE. Head on over, select a game an start Playing.

*Most Psiens Games will require you login with your Psiens acocunt/email.

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