Project Psiens

Psiens Meta Gaming

As a prospective a Psiens Game Developer you should familiarize yourself with the concept behind the Psiens Meta Game. 

Psiens is really its own game running with a blockchain backend.  In the Psiens Meta Game, players make Guesses and earn the chance to create Orbs.  Orbs are NFTs which can be melted/traded like any reqular NFT.

However Players can ONLY play the Psiens backend game through a 3rd party Psiens enabled Game.  And that is where you come in.

To allow for a seamless integration of the Psiens backend game into any Game, we have:

  • Psiens backend game is played via a simple REST API.  Easy to integrate into most Games
  • Key Psiens backend game mechanics can be automated or require no special player input.  This is also true for the most fundamental mechanics in Psiens = Orb Creation.
  • Advanced mechanics (like Minting Orbs) which require Player input can be done in the Psiens Admin App, after a Game play-through.  Develops still have the option to integrate the more advanced Psiens mechanics if they chose.

Sharing is Caring

Here at Project Psiens we recognize that it is the Games which truely drive the Psiens eco-system which is why we also include a Fee Share deal.  The idea of this deal is that all Orbs which are created while playing a given Game will be permanently tagged with that Games ID.  And everytime a Player Energize this Orb, the Game Developer will earn a 30% of the paid funds.   Currently all transactions are done on the Enjin Blockchain which means that every month Developers will have their earning sent in ENJ to their Player Wallets.   Yes this means all Psiens Game Developers need to sign up as Players on the Psiens platform. 

Initially Developers will earn a Fee Share for  Energizing of Orbs which were originally born while playing the Developers Game…ALSO if the Orb is currently being used in another Game.  Later when the global Orb population reach a level where Games will begin to actively use the Players Orbs in the Games we will also introduce a way to incentivize Developers to make Games which actively use Orbs in their Games.

Project Psiens

Guess Meta Gaming

The Player Guess is core to the whole Psiens Experience, so a Psiens Game Developer must foremost consider how best to implement the Guess into their Game.   Some game mechanics makes this easy, like Psiens Roulette where placing the bet IS the Guess and spinning the wheel IS the Guess resolution.   But most Games will need to implement their own Guess mechanics.    A couple of possible ways Developers could integrate the Guess:

  • A mini guess/card/dice game in a larger Game
  •  A Mod for a Game which grants a Buff if a correct Guess is made
  • A Card Trading Game where the ‘Battles’ include Guess sequences.
So Many Options.

Using Alias Orbs

One of the pillars of  the still nacent Metaverse is the Interoperability of gaming NFTs.    Orbs are simple, energistic, structures which can more eaisly be used in conjunction with different Game IPs.   However some Games might want their gaming NFTs to match their Game IP and for that they can use Alias Orbs.    Alias Orbs are Spawned from a Minted Orb and will inherit all the Properties of the Parent Orb.   Alias Orbs are Minted to their own NFTs and will have their own Energy and Health.   The Alias NFT Image  and Name will be set by the Player/Game and the Orb Properties can have different property names.  So Orb Type might be called ‘Speed’ but the value is still the same as Orb Type.  An Alias Orb NFT will function fully as any gaming Orb NFT…expect one critical component: LUCK POINTS.   Players/Games will still make Psiens Guesses with a target Alias gaming NFT but possible Luck Points are generate on the PARENT ORB.  This also means that only regular Orbs can spawn new Orbs (or Aliases).  An Orb can spawn multiple Aliases but only ONE per Game.  If you want your Game to support Alias Orbs then get in contact with the Project Psiens Team.

Project Psiens

Gaming around the Orb

Initially the Games would likely focus on Orb CREATION and not so much Orb UTILIZATION, but that will change over time as the Orb population grows.

This means that Games focusing on Orb Creation (like Psiens Roulette) do not really actively use any of the Orbs Properties. Except for two critical Properties on the Staking Orb:

  • Orb Points (Gained when Guessing Correct)
  • Energy Balance (Purchaced)
  • Health (Regenerated)

This is why Games SHOULD contain atleast some information about the Staking Orb and these three critical parameters.  We will provide a small Unity3d Orb Widget (used in our own Psiens Games) which provides this critical info, but in a non-intrusive manner.  

Because all Orb Properties are public, Games can use any of the Orb Properties in any way they want.  Over time a given Orb Property will likely be used differently in different Games.   So collectively the growing list of Psiens Games will will continue to innovate on ways Orbs  and their Properites can be use and intergrated into Games.

Tools and Tricks

We aim to create many tools and guides for Developers so they can quick intergrate the Psiens Meta Game into their new (or maybe even existing) Game.

  • You can find a Git repo here with a Unity3D PsienClient which acts as a simple wrapper around the Psiens API + a few helper functions.
  • You can find the CryptoRandom project (C# Visual Studio solution) here which can be used to validate the Psiens Server Guesses (both tha tthey have not been tampered with and a measure of how ‘random’ they really are.

If your are interested in Developing a Game with a Psiens backend, get in touch on our Discord channel or via email to