Anatomy of an Orb

Orbs 101

Orbs are whimsical, energistic structures which are the encapsulation of a Luck Event.  This is why we sometimes refer to an Orb as ‘Luck in a Bottle’.

The ‘Luck’ part comes from Players making a series of Guesses and when they have made enough SUCCESSFULL Guesses in a ROW.   Mulitple SUCCESFULL Guesses in a ROW will genereate Luck Points on the “Staking” Orb.   

Orbs contain a number of Properties which are divided in to a number of categories: Orb Stage, Primary Properties, Secondary Properties, Dynamic Properties and finally Meta Properties.

Orb Stages

Orbs exisits in number of Stages in their Lifetime: Soft Orb, Hard Orb and finally the Minted Orb

Proto Orb

Proto Orb

An Orb is initially spawned as a Proto Orb.  Proto Orbs are born from inside a Game and are thus tagged with both the Psiens Game ID and the Parent’s Family.

Spawing a Proto Orb requires a given amount of Luck Points, subtracted from the Players Luck Points and transferred to the new Proto Orb. The Orb Luck Points are used later for upgrading the Proto Orb to a Hard Orb.

Players cannot direcly use Proto Orbs in Psiens Games

Hard Orb

Hard Orb

A Proto Orb can be Upgraded to a Hard Orb in the Psiens Admin App.

To Upgrade a Proto Orb is must have available Luck Points that can be used to update the Orb’s Primary Stats. Orb Luck Points not used for this Stat updateare lost. The Hard Orbs 5 Stats are given random values between 0-100.

Players can use Hard Orbs in most Psiens Game activies

Minted Orb

Minted Orb

A Hard Orb can be Minted to a NFT, using a Mint Orb Request. 

Minting will cost Energy taken from the Player Energy Balance.

Minted Orbs are placed in the players manged wallet (auto created)

Players can use Minted Orbs in all Psiens Game activities, but ONLY if the Minted Orbs are present in the players managed wallet.

Orb Primary Properties

The Primary Orb Properties are the key Properties defining an Orb and thus also represented in the Orb’s visual manifestation.   All Primary Orb Properties have a direct relation to  the creating  Players Guessing capabilities.    There are four Primary Properties: Type, Level, Family and Halo.

Orb Type

Orb Type is given duirng the Upgrading of a Soft Orb to a Hard Orb.   The Orb Type comes in 5 'levels' each requirering an increasing amount of 'luck' to create.  The need 'luck' comes in the form of Luck Points which are accumulated on the active Staking Orb everytime the Player makes a successfull Guess. While a new Soft Orb is given a preliminary Type the final Type is set during the Upgrade to Hard Orb process.
Orb Type is a core Property of an Orb and it comes in 5 variants:

Orb Level

Orb Level is given during the Upgrading of a Soft Orb to a Hard Orb. Like Orb Type, Orb Level is decided by the Player durng Upgrading and each Level costs a certain amount of Orb Points to acquire.

Orb Level is a core Property of an Orb and it comes in 5 variants:

Orb Family

Orb Family, range from 1-10 and is assigned like Orb Type and Level using Orb Points. A new Soft Orb's Family is 'inherited' from it's Parent Orb, with some modification: Hard Orb Parents always Spawn Family 1 Soft Orbs while Minted Orb Parents caps the inherited Family to the Parents Orbs Type + Level. So a Minted Parent Orb Type 1 Level 2 Family 5 will not Spawn a Family 5 Soft Orb but rather a Family 3 Soft Orb. There are 10 Family levels represented by a small 'tip' in a circle.  The position and color of the 'tip' gives a visual representation of the Family.  

Halo Rune

When Minting a Hard Orb the Player has the Option to use one Rune Point (if the Player has any Rune Points) to 'Rune Mark' the Orb. Rune Points are earned when the Player Melts a Halo Rune NFT win their Enjin Wallet. SIince only 10k Halo Runes will ever be created this makes Orbs 'marked' with a Halo Rune, extra special. Some Games might give extra buffs to Halo Rune Orbs.

Orb Secondary Properties

The Secondary Orb Properties are also important Properties defining an Orb but not represented in the Orb’s visual manifestation.  Like the Primary Properties, Secondary Properties are part of the static Orb NFT meta data.     There are 7 Secondary Properties: Name , Generation and 5  Stats


Orbs are given a Default name based on thier properties, so a Type 2, Level 3, Family 5 Orb will be callled “Rare Nature Orb of the Niebur Family”.  Players can change the name of an Orb during the Minting process and once the Name is set it cannot be altered again.



Orb Generations are incremented when ever there are major changes in the Orb Ecosystem. Initially all Orbs will be Generation 1.

Orb Stats

Orb Stats

Orb Stats are random values assigned during the Hard Orb Upgrade process.  There are five Stats (Stat1, Stat2, Stat3, Stat4 and Stat5) each with a random value betweeen 0 and 99.  

Orb Dynamic Properties

The Dynamic Orb Properties are not visilble on the blockchain as part of the Orb NFT, but rather only exists on the Psiens.IO network.  The key Dynamic Properties are Orb State,  Alias, Luck Points,  Energy  and Health

Orb Health

Orb Health range from 0-99. An Orb can be 'hurt' when used in Psiens Games which will decrease its Health. Orbs gradually Heal overtime, somewhere from 1-5 pts per day.

Players can chose to add Health using the Orb's Energy, but this is optional. Overtime Orbs will go back to full Health.

Orb Energy

Orbs can be charged with Energy, using Energy from the Player Energy balance. Orb Energy cannot be transfered back to a Player Energy balance.

Orbs can only hold a certain amount of Energy.

Psiens Games can Deplete Energy on Orbs based on events inside the Psiens Game. Some Psiens Games do not use the Energ/Deplete option while other do...It is up the each Psiens Game.

This means that you cannot really say what Orb Energy is used for, because it will potentially be used for many different game mechanics across different Psiens Games.

Luck Points

Luck Porints are important to understand, as they are critical for the creation /spawning of new Orbs. A Player earns Luck Points every time the Player makes multiple CORRECT Guesses in a row.  As soon as the Player miss a Guess the Luck Points are reset to 0.   The amount of Luck Points earned for each subsequent correct Guess depends on the Range used for the Guess.  In the case a Player uses the SAME Range for sequence then you can calculate the accumulated Luck Points based on the table above.    Players use Luck Points to Spawn new Proto Orbs.   This will cause ALL the Players Luck Points to be transferred to the Spawned Proto Orb.

The number of Luck Points available on a Proto Orb determines the Type, Level and Family it can get during the Hard Orb Upgrade process. 

Orb Alias

Orb Alias are game specific aliases for a given Orb.   IF a given Psiens Game allows Alias Creation/Swith  a Player can select any Minted Orb in their managed wallet and can now either CREATE a new Alias or, if one exists, SWITCH to an existing Alias.   Every Orb can only have ONE defined Alias per Game and can only play with an Alias in the Psiens Game it is made for.   Hard Orbs cannot use Aliases.

NOTE . if an Orb is set with a given Alias and then transfered out of the Players Managed wallet it be locked with that Alias. Alias switching can only be done on Minted Orbs in a Player managed wallet.  

Orb Meta Properties

The Orb Meta Properties resides only on the Psiens.IO network and are a collection of attributes which mainly has few specific purposes.   Meta Properties are thus not likely to influence the attractiveness of an Orb in any significant way.     All the Meta Properties are shown in the Details tab of the Orb Viewer in the Psiens Admin App.