Project Psiens

Who Are We

Project Psiens is a small project developed by a small team.  If you want a big project by 100 experienced game executives and Pre Token Sales for upcoming Play To Earn promises..this is not for you.   Project Psiens is a blockchain meta game (you will get the ‘meta’ part later) built on the Enjin ecosystem (www.enjin.io).   Players pay fees and Mint NFTs with JENJ on the Enjin JumpNet.  Here at Project Psiens we have really fallen in love with NFTs, not because of the ‘collector/investor’ part of NFTs but because of the vast frontier of applications it opens up.  Yes, we have dNFTs coming for more delicious innovations but we think we have far from tapped the full potential of the good ol’ static NFTs!  One thing which became clear to us was that strong, vibrant gaming NFTs needed a number of factors to succeed in the long term, namely:

Project Psiens

Story in an Orb

The Story part of any crypto/NFT project is difficult to create as it often comes from unexpected places or is expensive to create (like using celebrities, high end brands etc) so Project Psiens decided to focus on Uniqueness and Utility first.  This brings us to Web3 gaming.   We love the idea of Web3 gaming and the concept of Metaverse…even if we are not quite sure what it really is!  One common theme though is interoperability.  One challenge with metaverse game interoperability relates to how gamers ‘live’ their games and it is this immersion which makes it counterintuitive for a gamer to use his ‘Hammer of Doom” from WoW in a SciFi shooter game.   To address this issue the Project needed the elusive “Orb”.  The “Orbs” are whimsical, pulsating, energy structures which are more easily adopted into different game IPs.    

The next step was how to ensure Uniqueness and Utility for these Orbs.

Project Psiens

Uniqueness in a Guess

The next step was how to ensure Uniqueness and Utility for these Orbs.

Orbs get their Uniqueness from Lucky Events which come about as part of multiple Player Guesses.  When a Player makes a number of correct Guesses in a row a Lucky Event happens and this can be captured into an Orb.   Because of the statistics involved the Orbs will have built in Uniqueness as they are generated by 100% Player Luck Events not by some Server.  Since so much of Project Psiens depends on resolving Player Guesses (create a Random Result and evaluate the Player Guess against it) we needed something more than the standard ‘server generates a random number’ solution.  For this we came up with the concept of a Crypto Random Number Generator.  You can read more about it elsewhere on this site, but the gist of it is that this solution guarantees fast, random Results which cannot be tampered with by neither the Server nor the Player. 

Project Psiens

Halo Runes

Halo Runes are special NFTs which are created by Project Psiens.  The trick is that Halo Runes will be released (Minted) in batches in a ratio of 1/10 of number of Orbs in circulation.  Portions of Halo Runes will be airdropped for sale or given as prizes/rewards after the Beta Phase is completed.   As the Halo Runes are NFTs thay can freely be sold/traded between players/buyers.

The Halo Runes has one unique use: Melt a Halo Rune in your Psiens connected Wallet and earn Psiens Player Halos (1 Melt = 1 Player Halo).  Then use you Players Halos to Halo “Tag” a new Orb before Minting it.  Highe Quality Orbs (Type,LEvel and Family) require more Halos to “Halo Tag”.  A lowend Level 1 Earth Orb (Type 1) with Family 1 will cost 1 Halo Rune to ”Halo Tag’, whereas a high quality Orb might require 20 Halo Runes to ‘Halo Tag”.

Time will tell how the Halo Runes will be used..will Player rush to Halo Tag mediocre Orbs or hold on to their Halo Runes untill a juicy high quality Orbs appears?

Project Psiens

Utility in a Game

But since making a simple Guess is not really that fun, we needed to encapsulate the Guess into a fun Game.   Guesses are made through the Psiens.IO  API and can ONLY be made through a registered (with Psiens.IO) Game.  In this way the Psiens Guesses become a Meta Game which is integrated into the fabric of various other, real, Games.  Some Games will have a very close relationship between the Psiens Meta Game Guess and the Game mechanics.  The Psiens Roulette Game is a good example of this, since here placing a bet and spinning the wheel  is the same as making a Guess and getting a Result.  Other Games will likely build the Guess into the gameplay in more subtle ways.  SInce Project Psiens relies on Games for facilitating Guesses, we have also made a very simple interface (REST API) which can easily be integrated by 3rd party Game developers.  Various tools/guides/SDKs will also be made available over time.  Games which use the Psiens Meta Game will even receive a portion of the Psiens revenue which the individual Game has contributed with. Sharing is Caring.

Orbs get their Utility by being utilized in various (psiens) Games.  To this end, Orbs have a number of Properties, which can be used in the Games.   The same Orb Property can be used differently by different Games.  The key Orb Properties come in various levels of ‘uniqueness’ ,heavily based on a Guess made during the creation of an Orb.  The key Orb Properties combined thus gives each Orb a ‘Quality’ level.   This guarantees that higher Quality Orbs are much rarer than lower Quality Orbs.

Project Psiens

Play to Earn

Now it is time to look at the financial model.   Here we employ two concepts: a Mint fee and an Energize fee.   The Mint fee is paid by the Players when they Mint an Orb into a NFT.  Mint fees however are 100% refunded when the NFT is Melted (that is to the owner of the Orb NFT at the time of Melting).  The Energize fee on the other hand is 100% voluntary and is only used to increase the Quality of the created Orbs.  Players can thus play Psiens for free, forever, and potentially even earn some cash by selling their Minted Orbs, despite their lower Quality. 

Play-to-Earn Potential at least.

Project Psiens


Project Psiens incorporates several pillars of Security:

  • System Security: 
    • Project Psiens websites and backend servers adhere to the latest cybersecurity requirements.
    • Players login with verified emails and use the very secure Enjin Wallet for storing Orbs.
    • Players are registered with email, username and crypto wallet only so Project Psiens is GDPR compliant.
  • Guessing Security:
    • The Psiens solutions is heavily dependent on the Psiens Server resolving Player Guesses and we have therefore implemented the Crypto Random Generator solution which guarantees that neither Server nor Player can adversely influence the resolution of Player Guesses.
  • NFT Security:
    • The highly secure and verified ENJIN (EHT) blockchain is used for Mining the Orbs.
    • Orb Meta Data is stored on IPFS servers which not only guarantees indefinite availablity of Orb Data but also ensures a full duplex and immutable relationship between the NFT blockchain components and its related meta data.  This means Orb NFTs will be valid forever and cannot be changed in any way after initial Mint.
    • Besides Orb NFT data (blockchain + ipfs data) Orbs also have properties which are only available on the Psiens Server (like Energy Charges).    Orbs are fully public and viewable on the Psiens Website (or via psiens API) 

Project Psiens

Project Phases

The combined effects of the solution described above is a Project which will very likely follow a series of phases:

  • Beta Phase: 
    • Slow Player adoption.
    • More frequent updates to Psiens.IO to address issues and fine tune the ecosystem.
    • The initial Games are focused on Orb creation not Orb usage/Utility.
    • Most Players initially focus on building their Orb inventories and thus do not pay any Energize fees.
    • Very little trading of Orbs (on public NFT exchanges)
  • Expansion Phase:
    • Increasing Player base 
    • Halo Runes start to drop, creating even rarer Orbs.
    • Games start to appear which utilize Orbs (and their Properties)
    • Players start to pay Energize Fees since they want to get hold of higher Quality Orbs.
    • Increasing Orb trades both on 3rd party exchanges and on an internal Orb auction site.
    • Orb prices start to stabilize around various Orb Quality levels.
    • Collectors start to buy the rarest Orbs.
  • Consolidation Phase:
    • Large stable Player base.
    • Many Psiens Games are created using Orbs in various interesting ways.
    • Significant portion of Players pay the Energize fees since lower Quality Orbs come in with both lower Prices and poorer Utility values.
    • Orb churn where lower Quality Orbs are Melted and replaced with higher Quality Orbs.
    • The rarest Orbs are no longer affordable for Players but reside with the Collectors.

Project Psiens

Price Predictions

Trying to foresee what prices the Orbs will end up with is a tricky exercise, but you can see three entities which are the key contributors to the Orb Prices:

  • Psiens.IO:  The Mint Fee will provide a floor price since selling an Orb for less than its Melt value is silly.  The second ‘floor price comes from the Energize fees paid to create the Orbs since Players will be reluctant to sell Orbs for less than they have spent creating them.
  • Player/Games:  The Utility value of Orbs are solely given by the Games and since different Games will use Orb Properties differently it is hard to foresee which Properties become the most sought after.   Most likely the rarer an Orb Property, the higher its Utility value, but this might not always be the case.  If a very popular Game uses a given Orb Property to give the Player an important Buff in the Game, Players will be willing to pay higher prices for Orbs which score high in that Property.
  • Collectors:  Overtime the rarest Orbs will likely be acquired by Collectors who do not care so much about the Orbs Utility (in Games) but rather their Uniqueness.   Instead of Utility, Collectors are more interested in Story (beside Uniqueness).   And what that Story will be is again difficult to predict.  Maybe the Orbs created by a famous person become sought after Collector items? 

Project Psiens

What's Next

 It all really depends on how quickly we move through the aforementioned Phases.   As we are a small team we hope to stay in Beta for a year or so to slowly build up the ecosystem and Player base.   The focus will be on preparing the Psiens.IO to truly scale.  The current Psiens.IO will easily deal with 1000s of concurrent players, it will start to stutter at 10,000s of concurrent players and come to a painful grind with 100,000s of concurrent players.  So slowly does it.   During this initial Beta phase we will also be innovating on tools and solutions which can be used by Game developers to seamlessly incorporate the Psiens Meta Game into the Games proper.   We will probably also add a couple of Games ourselves.

Besides scaling the Psiens.IO backend we will also be exploring options to go full on-chain with solutions like fleek.xzy or similar.  Going full blockchain just seems like the next obvious step.

Project Psiens

The 'Psi' Story

At the end of the Beta phase we will take a close look at the combined Guess/Orb Statistics and decide whether to push a new narrative around Psi.   Multiple studies have shown that humans have an innate ability to predict (or alter) the future.   However, these studies into the ‘psi’ (precognition) capabilities of humans have not produced verifiable and repeatable results and thus remain within the realm of pseudoscience.   But the conclusions are clear(ish)…humans possess ‘something’!   IF the Guess data shows that there are individuals who consistently score higher Guess scores than statistically reasonable we will start to build a strong Story around this ‘psi’ effect.   From day one players will earn Ranks based on their Guess success rates, but with the ‘psi’ angle the Story around these Ranks takes a much more interesting twist.  On the other hand..if the Guess data shows that the human Players do not score higher than statistically expected then we just stick with the Lucky Gambler Story.  Since we call this Project Psiens, you can probably guess where we believe the ‘Psi’ Story will go…but let us see. 

Go Humans!


Plans, Plans, Plans

Psiens Beta Launch

The Psiens Platform goes live in Beta with the Psiens Roulette Game

July 2023
Next Up


Fix Issues.  Optimize and Stabilize ecosystem.  Psiens Commander Game added

Full Release

Psiens Platform goes to full Release.  Updates to SDKs and terms.  3rd Party Games added to Project Psiens.  Introducing the Orb Auction Site.

And Then

PSIENS Token and ENJIN Blockchain

Initial drop of the PSIENS Token.  Transition from the ENJIN JumpNet to the new ENJIN Blockchain.  All JENJ NFTs will still be valid!

Intergrations and Decentralization

Start integrations into other Web3 services like HyperPlay or similiar.  Continue to decentralize the Psiens.io ecosystem using solutions like Fleek or similar

After a While

To The Moon

2023 will likely be a slow launch year after which the Psiens Platform is ready for Prime Time