Project Psiens is still under CONSTRUCTION / TEST.

We are hard at work getting Project Psiens ready. We currently expect to be live in Q1 FY24. The plan is to launch Psiens.io together with our first Psiens game, Psiens Commander which is slated for Q1 24.


Captum Fortuna

Capture Your Luck as an NFT

The Psiens Project is a unique web3 gaming platform which allows players to capture guaranteede unique lucky events (“Luck in a Bottle”) and create these as unique NFTs.  These gaming NFTs are owned by the player and can be used in all Psiens Games and Applications in interesting and unique ways.

Project Psiens Key Features

Create Gaming NFTs

Create Gaming NFTs

By making guesses via Psiens.io the player gets the chance to create Orbs, which can be Minted, Melted or traded on the Enjin Blockchain Network.  Orbs are Gaming NFTs designed by be used in Psiens enabled Games.

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A Simple Guess

A Simple Guess

Players make a simple guess and the Psiens Network insures to generate a verifiable random number and compares this against the players guess.  By maintaining a high rate of successfull guesses the players earn enough Points to spawn potentially very valuable and unique Orbs

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Game Platform

Game Platform

Psiens will build our own games but also provide an API and SDK for 3rd party developers. Developers building games on the Psiens Platform get a share of the revenue made via their respective games.


More info on building Psiens Games

Project Psiens

Meta Gaming

Meta gaming is the concept of playing a game on top of or in conjunction with another game.   The Psiens ‘game’ is extremely simple: guess a number between 1 and 10 and if the Player has a string of successfull correct guesses the Player will earn the option to Spawn a new Orb.   Making the Psiens Guess and Spawning new Orbs can be done completely in the background of whatever Psiens Game the Player is playing.   For instance in the Dice Companion Psiens Game the Player plays a regular dice game but before the dice roll the Player decides what he/she thinks/wants the dice roll to end up with.  This constitues a Psiens Guess, but it is played as part of the Dice Companion Game.  This is why we call the basic Psiens Guess game a Meta game.

Joining the Project Psiens is easy.

To start playing Psiens Games as a Psiens Player you need to sign up

U have Qs

Is Psiens a Play To Earn Platform?


Orbs NFTs created by playing the Psiens Meta Game are designed to be Gaming NFTs.  Unlike regular NFT Collections, Gaming NFTs are inheriently designed for gaming on the Web3 gaming ecosystems.  That being said, very rare  Orbs could potentially be sold for profit.  That would be true for all NFTs.   Project Psiens has no control over the market valuation of Orbs and therefore takes no responsiblity for potentail earnings or loses incurred from trading with Orbs.  

Is Psiens a Gambling Platform?


Gambling is defined by players placing a monetary bet which is won or lost by the resolution of the underlying bet/game mechanics.

Project Psiens DOES heavily rely on guessing but not with an associated bet/prize mechanics.  The ‘cost’ of playing occurs via the Orb Depletion and Orb Minting mechanics and thus functions more like a ‘cost to play’ than a bet.   Minting Orbs or Enegizing Orbs are but both are optional for playing the core game.

Is the Psiens Server fair with my Guesses?


The Player guess against a future random number is so central for the Psiens.IO solution that we take this very seriously.  The Psiens.io has found a simple and unique solution to generate random results where neither the Server nor the Player can cheat.  Check out the Psiens Random page for more info

Can I play for free?


The Player can chose to play and NOT Energize Orbs and NOT Mint any of the Orbs the Player creates.  

However Orb Energy and Minted Orbs do provide various optional benefits in the various Psiens games.